08 October 2010

July 2010


Lisa said...

Your girls just continue to grow in leaps and bounds, both in spirit and in beauty!!

Glad your summer was filled with so many discoveries and adventures and I can't get over how much your littlest has grown since KP!!! Her expressions are priceless!!

Thank you for updating and wishing you all a grand Autumn!!

McMary said...

It is unbelievable how much Nurai has grown and changed from that little girl in the orphanage. Thank God she found her family.
You have two absolutely beautiful girls. Love their pics.

Arman said...
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Arman said...

Beautiful family, wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing them! Really enjoyed reading your blog. In my native Kazakh language, your daughters' names sound very feminine and pretty. The moon in Kazakh tradition is a symbol of beauty and grace. And you know it's interesting that Kazakh parents often give their children names that have something in common, to stress their kinship. So to me as a Kazakh it sounded really neat that you guys decided to name your daughters Aitugan and Nurai. Sisters for sure! Most importantly of course is I can see so much true love that rains in your family. :) God bless.

Anonymous said...

where is the update? Would love to hear more about the kids.

Happy holiday season.